Steven and Magical Diamonds


Once upon a time there lived a scientist named Steven, He used to build all sorts of things like flying bikes and talking helmets. In fact, he even invented a spanner that fixes by itself. Did I mention that he was elected leader of a village. Anyway, he was ruling pretty good until they found out that a giant lived only 50 miles from their village, but they also found out that he had 7 magical diamonds. The villagers were not greedy, but when Steven discovered the diamonds powers, he needed them for a new invention, a car that can go on land, water, in air and snow and that could also run on water and not petrol. But he couldn’t get to work, so he needed the diamonds. So now everyone wanted to get the diamonds, so they all started planning of ways to get the diamonds. One said, lets steal the diamonds, good idea, said Steven. After 8 days they came up with a spectacular plan. On the 9th day, Steven, John, James and Peter got armored drove to the giant’s house and hid their car in the bushes. Then they snuck into the giant’s house [which was bigger than the tallest building in the world]. They crawled under the door and found themselves in the giant’s kitchen where the giant was having breakfast, they waited for a while and then followed the giant into the room where he kept the diamonds and because the giant didn’t know that there was a village nearby, he didn’t keep protection for the diamonds. So now all they had to do was wait. Soon, the giant left to find more food. Just when he left the door, Steven and the others climbed up to the table and replaced the diamonds with plastic copies. They took the diamonds to their car and drove back as fast as they could. When they reached the village they kept the diamonds in metal vaults surrounded by lasers and only Steven could open it with a hand print. All was going well until the giant found out that his diamonds were replaced. He started searching everywhere. Then, he started looking outside. He covered miles and miles. When Steven found out he ordered to build a new village 80 miles the opposite direction, but they had to speed up because the giant was not giving up until he found his diamonds. So after they finished packing, they all got into an underground train and travelled underground. When they reached they started building, and with Steven’s great inventions they finished in about 2 weeks. Steven also finished his newest invention, a robot, the size of a human that runs on water. Meanwhile the giant had found their old village. First he thought they were the culprits, then, he said to himself “no one would go 50 miles for diamonds. After a couple more days, the giant gave up and headed back home. When he reached, he slept for two whole days, and when he woke up he forgot all about the diamonds and as for Steven, life could have never been better.

The End


The SsS


Once upon a time there was a spy agency called the SSS    [Secret Spy Service]. It was the best agency in the world as it had 2 of the world’s best spies, Steven and John. Steven was a scientific spy while John was known for his fighting skills. But the things they were known for the most was the creating and riding of vehicles. One day they were assigned to a case in which they had to find a villain who had joined forces with an ex-villain and taken over several agencies. They found out where the villain’s headquarters were so they grabbed a couple of weapons, got in a jet and went speeding off. When they reached, they went inside and found not 2, but a gang of villains. They quickly called for back-up. They tried to hold them down but then they found out that there were hundreds of them. So they were beaten, and just after they took them inside, back-up had arrived and saw their helicopter. They thought that Steven and John had taken the villains down and went to put them in jail, so they went back to SSS headquarters. Back at the villains house, Steven and John had woke up and saw the villains fiddling around with their gadgets. Their boss told them to stop but they would listen and suddenly a missile was shot out of one of the guns and blew up their whole roof. Their boss came and loaded the guns. It seemed like he knew what he was doing and that made Steven wonder because  the weapons they had brought were super rare and the only people who knew how to change bullets and shoot were Steven, John, Peter [their boss] and Roger [Steven’s partner]. Just then John whispered “doesn’t that look a little bit like Roger”. “Yeah, I’m starting to think that too” whispered Steven. Then John remembered that he had a cutter ring in his pocket, but he couldn’t reach it. So he told Steven to try and reach it. When Steven got it he slowly cut through both of their ropes. And then, all at once, John jumped on Roger or who they thought was Roger. It turned out it wasn’t Roger, it was Peter’s [their boss’s] son, Buster. John was not surprised because he always used to help villains escape and then said he did it by mistake and he never even liked his father. But he had never gone this far. So John punched him and kicked him while Steven called for back-up, 5 minutes later back-up came but so did all the other villains. Soon there was fighting and shooting all over the place. Then finally the fight ended because the villains surrendered. The SsS agents took them and put them in jail and then returned home to finish some other cases. But when they reached home there was no agency, all that was there was pieces of metal and glass and burnt plastic. At once they all knew that Buster’s accomplices had done this while Buster and the others fought with them. So now they wanted revenge and a new agency. Now Steven had an idea of where and how to make the agency, so they got to work. First, they built houses, inside all the houses, there was a closet that lead to an underground tunnel that further lead to a voice record mission elevator that went down to the agency. So now the whole agency was under a whole village. Meanwhile, John had a plan of how to get revenge on Buster and the other villains. So then, that night Steven, John, Peter and a couple of more spies crept inside the building through the air ducts. When they reached inside the first thing they did was destroy their weapon supply. Then, they crept into the kitchen and mixed sleeping powder into everything there was. Then, they waited there until morning. The villains woke up at about 10:30am in the morning. When they came to the kitchen, they saw that there was not much food, so two of them went to get food, while the others went back to sleep. Meanwhile John had come with another plan. He told Steven follow the villains and buy the same food they are buying and keep it here mixed with sleeping powder before they come back. So they will store the new food and eat the one with the sleeping powder. Then they woke up the other villains to have breakfast. 5 minutes later the villains started getting dizzy; soon they were they lying on the ground. Peter called for more spies, when they came Steven and all helped them carry the villains to the agency. And the SsS remained the best, wealthiest, smartest and strongest spy agency in the world.

The End                                   by Kyle Luis

The Lonely Lady


Once  upon  a  time  there  lived  a  lady  who  was  very  lonely. She lived in a cottage all by herself. Her name was Mrs. Brown. She was very fond of statues. One day when she was shopping, something caught her eye, it was a row full of statues, she ran to the shop and bought four statues that looked real, and she quickly took them home, one dog that she placed on the T.V. table, one cat in her bedroom and two squirrels on the dining table. That night when the lady was sleeping a kind wizard decided to cast a magic spell on the statues, this magic spell could bring alive the animals and also make them talk. The next morning when the lady was having breakfast she noticed the squirrels facing the opposite direction, she wondered if she was still dreaming so she pinched herself hardly .Ouch! She went. All the same the lady went about her daily chores shopping the animals would come alive and sing, play and laugh. When the lady returned they all ran to their spots and became statues again. The next day when the lady was sleeping early in the morning the animals started singing again, they sang Meow! Woof Woof! Cheep Cheep! And as they were singing the lady heard them, she went to see what was going on at 5:30am in the morning. She opened the door and saw her statues singing and dancing. She was so astonished and surprised at the same time that she danced, sang with them, but nobody knew that her statues were real. And they lived happily ever after and now the lady was never lonely again.

THE    END                                       Kyle Luis